The Flow Cytometry Facility at San Diego State University is dedicated to helping both internal and external scientists utilize flow cytometry to advance their research efforts. The facility provides users with the tools necessary to perform an array of assays and techniques to answer complex biological questions. You can rely on the team as they are experts in flow cytometry that continually seek to expand its uses and applications, as demonstrated by their publication in Cytometry Part A, and acknowledgement in over 35 scientific publicatinos. Users will be assisted in all of their flow cytometry needs from experimental design, sample acuistions, cell sorting and analysis to data management. 


  • Experimental design consultations to ensure high quality experiments
  • 96 and 384-well plate analysis of up to 6 simultaneous parameters
  • Multi-color cell analysis of up to 11 simultaneous parameters
  • 96-well plate sorting for single cell sequencing or cell cloning
  • Sort 4 populations at once for population enrichment or high purity yields


  • Cell sorting
  • Purification of rare cell populations
  • DNA content (cell cycle, proliferation)
  • Enumeration (phage, microbial)
  • Stem cell identification
  • Apoptosis/Necrosis/Viability
  • Intracellular antigens
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Imaging coupled cytometry
  • And more!!!